• The main fields of work of women’s departments and organisations cover cultural and moral education of children and youth, marriage and parenting guidance, support for the Muslim women and introducing Islamic ethics and cultures of the Muslim peoples to the Ukrainian society.
  • Solidifying and sustaining families is relevant as ever, for increased divorces, single mothers and neglected children and other modern problems did not circumvent the Muslim families. Islamic Cultural Centres hold seminars, trainings and meetings on a regular basis in order solidify families and improve relations between both the spouses and parents and their children.
  • Charity: visiting orphanages, Blind Association, oncology units, mental asylums; helping poor and homeless; holding fundraisers and charity fairs.
  • Annual conferences, round tables and seminars in order to educate and improve their education, legal awareness, discussing and solving topical issues, etc. Half-yearly, seminars on planning, teamwork, time-management and project development are held.Volunteers of the women’s organisation participate in various events aimed at strengthening interfaith peace and cohesion.
  • Summer daycare facilities for children aged 7 to 16 at every Islamic Cultural Centre, with a programme containing lectures and practical classes on the basics of Islam, Arabic, Quran circles, interesting excursions, master-classes and hobby groups.
  • Children’s Summer Camps in the picturesque sights of Ukraine, with spiritual discussions, Quran circles, team and sport games, crafting, as well as scouting and excursions.
  • Women’s recreation at best value: annual five-day educational seminars for new Muslimahs, where about 60 ladies each year can deepen their knowledge of Islam, find new friends and exchange experiences.

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