Saturday Children’s Club

Interested in your little one spending time with other Muslim kids and making the most use and joy of it? Such an option is available at every “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centre. At kids’ disposal are classes of Qur’an and Basics of Islam, Arabic classes for young children, handmade workshops and learning games.

Summer Recreation Camps and Scouting for Children and Teenagers

While such leisure is by no doubt useful, and while camp counselors work as volunteers (free of charge) , there are parents who, unfortunately, still can’t afford paying even this budget choice for their children’s recreation. Especially when the family has more than one child.
To think that, such camps and scoutings are not just a recreational opportunity, but also increase the kids’ skills of taking care of themselves, as well as teach implementing knowledge about religious practice in various situations. And, of course, there are essential classes on Qur’an and fiqh, as well as workshops and many other interesting activities.

Seminars and Trainings on Child-Rearing

Basically, not a single prophetic advice in pedagogics was rejected by the children’s psychologists, and the visitors can see that for themselves at seminar-trainings held at “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres. Those events cover both spiritual and laic aspects of child-rearing, with both professional psychologists and sheikhs as speakers.

Shariah Classes

Alas, misperceptions and stereotypes about Islam are common among Muslims as well as non-muslims. For that reason, we hold regular lectures and seminars on Aqidah, Fiqh, Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) in order to help Muslims strengthen their knowledge and deflate (first of all, in their own mind) speculations with well founded reason.

Visiting Orphanages

Aiding orphanages is not just visiting them from time to time and bringing them treats and toys as one could presume. It is a close cooperation with Administrations of the Orphanages so that we could bring something those kids really need (rather than something we think they do), and in the right quantity. That includes groceries, household detergents, clothes and footwear, spare details for the equipment… And, of course, the biggest sums of money are spent on rehabilitation of disabled orphans (so that they can have a chance for a normal life). We also spend some costs on workshops for all the pupils in order to help them get some idea of what different professions are about and understand their preferences before they are urged to choose, as well gain skills necessary in their everyday life that children normally learn from their parents by simply imitating what they do.

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